About us: how we are growing!

River of Flowers is taking a new direction in 2015! Come with us on our exciting new journey as we:

LIAISE with new partners to create more urban foraging gardens in River of Flowers cities including the Bankside Urban Forest, Bee Bristol, Buglife, Get Bristol Buzzing and the Manchester Galleries Partnership, see Wildflower Blog: Streets, Squares and Cycling the Bee Roads, and in new cities at home and abroad to start new Rivers of Flowers - Dublin, Leeds, Lewes and Mumbai - have all made contact with us so if you live in those cities, please contact us about any wild places that you know about. To get Dublin, Leeds and Lewes approved and on the map, we need the locations of three public places in those cities where wild plants already grow or new wild enclaves are being planned.

COMMUNICATE our ideas more effectively by working with artists and designers on installations, which bring art, science and urban ecology together in a way that resonates with people, see Latest News: The Phenological Clock. River of Flowers has designed floral and verdant patchworks - hexagonal and triangular planters full of specific wild nectar and larval food plants - as living installations that can flow over city squares and open spaces to raise awareness of the importance of urban pollinators. 

CONTACT US at info@riverofflowers.org for further information.


The Phenological Clock

Victoria & Albert Museum

The Phenological Clock

………… from the Orange Tip Butterfly to the Hairy Footed Flower Bee!

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