About us: how we are growing!

The River of Flowers Story above explains how your organisation could start a River of Flowers in your city and help to 'feed the bees that feed us'! If your organisation is growing wildflowers or food, please:

CHECK the Drop Down Menu FIND YOUR RIVER OF FLOWERS at the top right of the page.

JOIN for free if your city is registered as already having a River of Flowers, e.g. EUROPE.....CENTRAL LONDON or NORTH AMERICA...........NYC BROOKLYN

START a new River of Flowers for free if your city is not registered yet, see HOW TO START A RIVER


This year, new Rivers of Flowers have started in EUROPE in Amsterdam, Bristol, London Central, Manchester, York; and in NORTH AMERICA in Chicago, Milwaukee, NYC Brooklyn, NYC Manhattan, NYC Queens, San Franciso, Toronto.

We have received enquiries in ASIA/PACIFIC from Bangkok, Mumbai, Shanghai, Tokyo; in EUROPE from Copenhagen, Paris, Madrid, Milan, Zürich; and in NORTH AMERICA from Boston, Montreal and Vancouver. 

CONTACT US at info@riverofflowers.org for further information


Wildflowers in Myanmar

Kandawgyi Botanical Garden

Pyin Oo Lwin, or Maymyo as it once was called, is a cool and inviting hill station and a great escape from dusty Mandalay's oppressive heat.

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