About us: how we are growing!

River of Flowers is taking a new direction in 2015! Come with us on our exciting new journey! We are:

Liaising with partners to create more urban foraging gardens in cities including the Bankside Urban Forest, Bee Bristol, Buglife, Get Bristol Buzzing and the Manchester Galleries Partnership, see Wildflower Blog: Streets, Squares and Cycling the Bee Roads.

Communicating our ideas more effectively by working with artists and designers on installalations, which bring art, science and urban ecology together in a way that resonates with people, see Latest News: The Phenological Clock.

CONTACT US at info@riverofflowers.org for further information


The Phenological Clock

Victoria & Albert Museum

The Phenological Clock

………… from the Orange Tip Butterfly to the Hairy Footed Flower Bee!

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