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The River of Flowers Story above explains how your organisation could start a River of Flowers in your city and help to 'feed the bees that feed us'!

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River of Flowers is a nonprofit social enterprise working with urban communities to create trails or 'rivers of flowers' as forage and habitat for bees, butterflies and other pollinators. We have several Rivers of Flowers in the UK and beyond started by different organisations, and each one has a different story, which we will be featuring in our next series of Wild City Blogs.

If you are growing wildflowers anywhere in the world, you are part of the River of Flowers because it represents the flight path of a pollinator searching for flowers. You can start a River of Flowers in your city or town if there is no River of Flowers already there, see Start a River of Flowers, or join one if there is. Starting a River of Flowers or joining to one on our website is completely free.

Send us your images. We rely on donations and sponsorship to maintain our website so if you have images of wildflowers and their wild pollinators taken in any of our Rivers of Flowers flowing through UK cities and towns such as Bridgend, Bristol, Cardiff, Manchester, Southend-on-Sea or York, please send these to us via info@riverofflowers.org and give us permission in writing to use them. 


Wildflowers of Autumn

Chickweed Stellaria media by Kaldari

Although it has been mainly a warm Autumn in the UK, it is still extraordinary to see so many wildflowers blooming in October.

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