Who we are

Naomi Evans

Naomi Evans

Naomi Evans, a former River of Flowers intern, has moved from London to Bristol with her husband Charlie Evans whers she is is a key partner of River of Flowers Bristol and hopes to link up with the many growing organisations in Bristol. Since Naomi joined the team in early 2012, she has been contributing ideas to our Marketing Strategy, including our Facebook page, printed publicity such as flyers and posters and the various 'Pollen Sense' events, where art and music meets science. Naomi is an accomplished singer touring regularly with her acoustic indie band Light Falls Forward, which performs around the UK and Europe. Naomi helped to organise the Urban Meadows Festival 2012 held at the Dalston Eastern Curve Garden from where the River of Flowers London (East) was launched and the Meadow Line Project for the Chelsea Fringe Festival in May 2013. Her band performed at the Urban Meadows Festival, the London Orchard Project Festivals 2012 and 2013, and the launch of the River of Flowers: Elephant & Castle in South London from the Mobile Gardeners Park at the Elephant & Castle also for the Chelsea Fringe Festival in May 2013. Naomi and Charlie run the Firebird Music Studios in Bristol, and she runs her own marketing company The Big Ideas Consultancy.

Sophie Housley

Sophie Housley

Sophie Housley, a former River of Flowers Intern, moved from London to Amsterdam in 2014, where she now resides, to work with a microloan company. She helped gather research for the River of Flowers York while working in London. Sophie joined the River of Flowers team in March 2012 as an intern helping to further our Social Networking Strategy and our Creative Development along with Kathryn Lwin. Her ongoing interest in the creative use of social media as a campaign/activist tool serves us well in her role as our main Tweeter strategist, and Sophie has brought many exciting new ideas and valuable contacts to the table. Sophie has an array of interests in sustainability related issues founded on nurturing a 'ground up' and holistic approach to environmental, social and political matters. Her handmade knitwear venture, Something Sophie Made, and not-so-hidden passions for painting, printmaking and photographing things - flowers, bees, butterflies - keep her busy. Sophie says, 'Interning at River of Flowers offers an opportunity to combine many of my interests, concerns and passions, and to be involved in an exciting team that's doing rather than despairing!' Her trip to Mumbai has brought River of Flowers to the attentions of key growing organisations there.

Daniela Coray

Daniela Coray, a former intern for River of Flowers, has moved to Boston, USA in 2014, and hopes to start a River of Flowers Boston once she has settled in to her new life. Daniela will continue to contribute ideas to our National and International Strategy and Development. Originally from Virginia, USA, Daniela is a landscape designer and artist formerly based in Falmouth, Cornwall where she moved in 2007 to study on the renowned Garden Design course at the University of Falmouth. After graduating in 2010, Daniela chose to remain in Falmouth for three years. She set up her design practice, while joining the MA Art and Environment course which she has now completed. Daniela describes herself as, 'Combining a deep affinity for environment and ecology, with a passion for design', and her practice is evolving into one that embraces a collaborative spirit, believing the more holistic the approach to landscape design, the more successful the outcome. Daniela was the RHS National Young Designer of the Year for 2011 winning this acolade for her superb wildflower garden at Tatton Park. See her work at Daniela Coray.

Sophie Whittle

Sophie Whittle is a former River of Flowers design intern who has become a respected member of our design team. She illustrated a set of 30 Pollinator Postcards, a series of River Maps, a publicity image for the Meadow Line Project - our contribution to the Chelsea Fringe Festival 2013 and draft illustrations for the early stages of Savoy Seeds. Her work is beautiful, quirky and intriguing. An Oxfordshire based Decorative Arts graduate aka Sophie Mae Whittle, she describes herself as a 'Lipstick lunatic and ginger ninja currently practicing as a Designer/ Maker/ Illustrator' and points out that, 'As a designer maker I like to print my Father's rurally acquired profanities onto beautiful silks and apply them to jolly spiffing gent's accessories. When armed with a pen, I draw anything from randy sheep in bathtubs to dear ole Winehouse and everything in between. The naughtier the better! Open to commissions, collaborations and cheese and wine nights.' Catch her blogspot at Maisey Whittle.

Jo Foster

Jo Foster

Jo Foster is our link to River of Flowers NYC. One of the first members of River of Flowers London before she re-located in 2011 to Jackson Heights, Queens, Jo says she does not fit into a nutshell. ‘One description of me is I’m that that farmer’s market woman who has been bugging Haringey Council for eleven years!’ Jo Foster is a true connector, linking countless people in the food and environment world with one another on both sides of the ‘Pond’. From being the first manager of a Farmers Market in London, to leading the food group in Sustainable Haringey, Jo’s life has spanned nearly 50 years of community action over green issues. Jo has continued to push for growing native wildflowers in her building co-operative open spaces. Every Sunday morning, she says, ‘ I shlep my new coolbox-on-wheels containing veg waste and empty glass milk bottle one block to Jackson Heights Farmers' Market and come home with fresh food, having made new friends among the managers, producers, recyclers and neighbours. It's run by Greenmarket, now called GrowNYC, which incorporates other things like recycling, composting etc citywide'. Jo has joined many organsations in New York and will be helping to set up River of Flowers New York (Queens).

Anna Evely project Maya

Anna Evely

Anna Atlee is a former Director of River of Flowers having joined the board between 2012 and 2015. Anna has a PhD in Conservation and her research on community conservation and sustainable behaviour change has been published in international ISI listed journals and books. She is a co-founder and director along with Emily Atlee, of the eco enterprises Project Maya and Seedball. She spends her time on research, campaigning and running non profit environmental projects as well as empowering other people to 'be the change'. Anna works with the Sustainable Learning project on knowledge exchange research and trains academics in how to increase their research impact. Much of her spare time is spent indulging her passion for permaculture and finding new and better ways to be self sufficient and to share those means with others through coaching, consultations, workshops, presentations or online via her twitter page @AnnaEvely. Anna is passionate about preserving and increasing our numbers of wildflowers, especially in gardens and urban areas. She believes that bringing and integrating nature within cities helps to create, sustainable, happy, healthy, and liveable urban environments. To her, wildflowers are an inspiration, although they are seemingly delicate, they can break through concrete to bring colour and life. 

Jacob Barrie

Jacob Barrie

Jacob Barrie is a former Director of River of Flowers having joined in 2013. He left the board in 2015 but in that short time, Jacob was able to advise River of Flowers on aspects of making a video and visual imagery. He is a Member of the Guild of British Camera Technicians (GBCT) and has spent the last 15 years as a features and commercials camera assistant in the British film industry. Prior to that, Jacob  gained a BA Hons in Fine Art Print at Manchester Metropolitan University. He is a keen photographer with an eye for the architecturally unusual. Major films that he has worked on recently include My Week with Marilyn, Great Expectations, Rush and Thor: The Dark Wood. Jacob is a supporter of River of Flowers because seeing bees and ‘bumbles’ are a strong childhood memory from his parents’ garden in Kingston-upon-Thames. He also recalls reading a book at that time called 'The Diary of an Edwardian Garden' by Edith Holden, and realising that the garden was full of flowers from the book. Jacob now understands why it was also so full of 'bumbles' and bees and believes that, ‘A bee’s existence is wholly entwined with our own and River of Flowers offers people of all walks of life an insight into what can be done to preserve them. It would be tragic, were they to be lost.’ 

Natalie Wetetenhall

Natalie Wetenhall is a former intern of River of Flowers. She is now studying on an Ecology and Wildlife Conservation degree at the University of Bournemouth and 'loving it'. She is still interested in setting up a River of Flowers in tthe Dorset area once she has settled into her new life on the coast. Natalie helped out with the general administration of the River of Flowers: East London and River of Flowers: South London and running the River of Flowers stall at various festivals in London earlier in 2013. Natalie is 21 years old and Biology, botany, conservation, art, music and gardening are her main passions, and she also finds herbal medicine fascinating. Natalie says that she wants, 'Nothing more than to be a part of giving pollinators, plants and people a helping hand by creating beautiful wild spaces in the capital city of London'.

Maddie Appleton

Maddie Appleton was our first River of Flowers Intern responsible for Communications and Community Outreach between 2012 and early 2013. In her first few months, Maddie, who has a degree in Linguistics as well as art qualifications, skillfully set up the River of Flowers Festival tour in 2012. The festivals River of Flowers took part in included the Diamond Jubilee Festival at Richmond Park, the Chelsea Fringe Festival, the Green Fair, the London Permaculture Festival and the City of London Festival. For a while Maddie also worked as an Intern at Sustain. Although Maddie has now left the River of Flowers Organisation, she is still in touch with us and is now a supporter of River of Flowers: London.

Eloise Batterbee

Eloise Batterbee, worked briefly during 2014 as an Intern for River of Flowers. Eloise is currently studying a degree in Environmental Science with the Open University. Eloise describes herself as  'especially interested in studying climate change and sustainability'. She hopes to go on to have a career working to make positive changes in this area. Her main passions are art and design, photography, science, psychology and gardening especially urban gardening, which started when she was, '..... living in Paris, teaching English as a foreign language. Missing my garden at home and with little space, I had to find creative ways to cultivate a garden on the rooftop, balcony and window boxes of my attic flat!'  Eloise has taken a series of amazing photographs of the wildflowers, native and non-native and planted in several urban spaces including London Fields. These photographs may be used in the River of Flowers Guide to the Wild City. Eloise joined River of Flowers because she admired what River of Flowers has achieved and would be 'delighted to help turn our urban environment into an oasis for pollinators, plants and people.'