River of Flowers: Toronto

About our river

Skyline of Toronto from Lake Ontario by Eelamstylez77

The River of Flowers Toronto was started by the Toronto Community Garden Network (TCGN), a support network for community gardeners in 2012 and developed by a number of organisations, which joined in 2013 following the visit by River of Flowers courtesy of the Winston Churchill Travelling Fellowship. Activities carried out by the TCGN, includes Seedy Saturdays, an annual seed exchange, sharing of information, exchange of garden practices and garden tours.

Toronto's bylaws have reduced pesticides on all public and private property by 60% so this city is an excellent role model for cities aiming to reduce their pesticide use.

There are a number of floral and food initiatives in Toronto, which directly or indirectly support pollinators, including:

David Suzuki Foundation Carrot City Toronto Bee Co-operative
Homegrown National Park Lost Rivers Walks Metcalf Foundation
Pollinator Partnership    


Skyline of Toronto from Lake Ontario by Eelamstylez77

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