River of Flowers: Manchester

Wild City

In 2014, River of Flowers grows even more wild in Manchester thanks to Artists Project Earth, which has funded the Wild City Project to develop a River of Flowers in three UK cities: Bristol, Manchester and York!

Artists Project Earth is a collective of artists, scientists, journalists, environmentalists, film makers and authors, who believe passionately in raising awareness about what climate change means to the world and in educating and helping people to overcome the obstacles to achieving a low carbon lifestyle. Greening the city is one way to do this. Plants cool, clean, soften and beautify the urban landscape and make it fit for people. Growing wildflowers and wild flowering trees makes it fit for pollinators. 

The majestic Manchester Partnership, made up of the Manchester Gallery, the Whitworth Art Gallery (currently closed to be transformed into a 21st cetury gallery in a park) and the Manchester Museum (both part of Manchester University) and the Manchester School of Art at Metropolitan University, has started the River of Flowers Manchester flowing along the Oxford Road Corridor. It will include other organisations and community groups.