River of Flowers: Bristol

About our river

Clifton Suspension Bridge Gothick

The River of Flowers Bristol was sparked off by Green Play Project, which specialises in designing playscapes for children inspired by nature and building them to promote creative and interactive play. Apart from creating wildflower rich installations at schools in and around Bristol, the company has worked on large landscape projects with the National Trust.

The Urban Pollinators Project, headed up by Professor Jane Memmott of Bristol University, is researching insect pollinators in urban habitats in the UK. It was launched at Bristol University in conjunction with three other universities: Leeds, Reading and Edinburgh.

Bristol Council are running the Meadow Bristol Project

There are a number of floral and food initiatives in Bristol, which directly or indirectly support pollinators, including:

Bristol City Council Avon Wildlife Trust Feed Bristol Chelsea Fringe Festival
Bristol Food Network Bristol in Bloom Festival of Nature Transition Bristol
Bristol Green Week Bristol Zoo Transition Montpelier Sustainable Redland


Clifton Suspension Bridge © Gothick