wild flowering verge

Leaving grass unmown is great for wildlife!

#NOMOW is a Twitter campaign started by SEED:Ball from Project Maya who are encouraging councils to transform roadside verges to wildflower habitats. It’s a very simple concept, but one which could make a significant contribution to our communities and local wildlife.

Our roadside verges represent an important remnant of our native grassland and wildflower habitats, which have suffered catastrophic losses over the last century. Our verges also act as important buffers to some of the most impoverished areas, whether along six lane motorways, intensively farmed fields or city avenues. Along with railway edges, road verges are the single most viewed habitat in the country, giving millions of people everyday contact with the changing seasons.

Managed correctly, our roadside verges can support a remarkably diverse range of plant and animal species, including bees and other insect pollinators. The good news is that appropriate management is usually about doing less, allowing the verge to develop naturally and the wild plants to set seed before any cutting takes place. Native species of wildflowers can be introduced to enhance what is already growing in the verge by using wildflower seed and seedballs.

#nomow campaign

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